At DeC 9 Staffing we understand that you're on the hunt for Quality: quality candidates, quality service and a company that delivers this quality consistently. We want to give you the best service experience you've ever had. Our loyal customers think we're pretty good at it.

We offer the following services

Temporary Services

Temporary to Hire

Direct Hire

We are the experts in finding and placing office professionals. Some of the most esteemed recruiters and leaders from the staffing industry lead our company in providing professionals on a temporary and full-time basis.

We work with a variety of industries placing professionals in a multitude of job classifications to include:

  • Receptionists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • General Clerks
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management
  • Health Care
  • Call Center
  • Technical
  • Manufacturing
  • Production
  • Human Resources
  • General Office
  • Sales Professionals
  • Management

Most businesses can use an extra set of hands to handle a big project or a new surge in business. But most are also reluctant to hire full-time staff. DeC 9 can provide temporary employees to help with a wide variety of business tasks. Working closely with us, a hiring manager can ensure that temporary workers possess the needed skills, education and experience to meet the needs of their organization.

Bringing in temporary workers to handle work overload can prevent employee burnout of full-time staff. When work schedules are overloaded, employees can quickly become unmotivated and overwhelmed. This can increase mistakes made as well as decrease productivity. Increased absenteeism is often a side effect when this occurs. By bringing in temporary staff to handle the extra work load, full-time employees can continue to focus on their main job tasks while maintaining their productivity.

Decrease Costs - Temporary staff persons are employed by the staffing agency, not the business that is using their services. This can decrease the overall costs of the employee as the business does not have to provide benefits to a temporary staff member. In addition, bringing in temporary staff may reduce other overhead costs such as overtime for regular, full-time employees. While the per-hour cost may be more than the per-hour cost of a full-time employee, temporary staff can be used as needed without a commitment of a 40-hour workweek regardless of if the work exists to support it.

We would love to schedule a time to meet with your organization and detail in depth how we plan to help your organization find Quality workers, all while keeping company cost down.