Our Resume Writing Process Use content from

Step 1: Client Consult

  • Discuss the purpose of the resume; applying for a new job, an internal promotion, or a career change
  • Identify targeted profession/industry and job objective(s)
  • Analyze the most relevant education, work experience, accomplishments, skills, strengths and attributes
  • Evaluate the position(s) applying for, including related job postings and job competency requirements (skills, experience, qualifications and attributes required to perform the job successfully)
  • Review current job descriptions, performance appraisals and other employment related documentation to identify relevant information for the development of the resume

Step 2: Resume Development

  • Determine the resume strategy – identify the most suitable resume format, structure and marketing techniques; determine what to include and what not to include in order to maximize strengths and minimize any weaknesses
  • Conduct additional research to obtain profession/industry or job specific market intelligence
  • Develop the content of the resume–capitalizing on key responsibilities, accomplishments, areas of expertise and strengths using job specific/industry specific keywords and competency- based phrases
  • Team review of first cut resume draft to ensure that the resume effectively links the client’s competencies, accomplishments and successes to the targeted profession and job competency requirements

Step 3: Review Process

  • Review and discuss the resume with the client to ensure that the resume successfully targets client’s objectives and desires
  • Ensure that the resume accurately portrays the client’s experience and effectively demonstrates how the client’s skills and experience can benefit prospective employers
  • Make any changes as required to meet the client’s needs and prepare the final resume for client approval (Up to Three Rounds of Revisions)
  • Discuss how clients can use their new resumes to effectively sell their competencies at interviews to get hired