Diversity & Inclusion

For the first time in history, people from five distinct generations are all working together. Each generation exhibits a particular set of behaviors and values regarding work ethic, the meaning of work, communication styles, authority and motivation. Often these differences may invigorate the building of strong bonds but may also cause clashes among the generations.

Leaders know that acknowledging and celebrating workplace diversity can tamp down these clashes and usher in new dimensions of productivity. Research in psychology, organizational behavior and management has shown that employees, who feel welcomed and valued in the fullness of who they are, flourish in diverse environments.

This course, Generational Diversity, reviews the distinct characteristics of the four generations and the application of communication and management strategies across generational lines.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • Explore myths and assumptions each group makes about the others
  • Apply strategies for effective communication and management of real-world scenarios
  • Simulate workplace climate conducive for diversity with the potential for improving performance
  • Devise a personal plan of action to achieve new diversity goals

Upon completion of this workshop, the organization will

  • Have access to valuable knowledge that will assist in the recruitment, retention, and rewarding of employees
  • Have key personnel with awareness of the impact of generational differences on the workplaceUnderstand what each group brings to the work, how
  • best to motivate each group; and how best to utilize their perceptions, styles and values
  • Know important features to include when creating a conducive workplace environment

Duration of Class: 1 – 3 days