Effective Leadership Workshop

For every effective leader, there is an effective leadership style. This course examines the impact of style on employee performance and organizational climate. Particular attention will be placed on the roles of communication and leader behavior in identifying and responding to the needs of employees.


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to

  • describe the concept of leadership “styles” and how those styles can be used.
  • explain personal leadership style, as assessed.
  • identify the core traits and personal qualities in each leadership style.
  • demonstrate skill in identifying leadership behavior required for employees in selected workplace scenarios.
  • create a plan for strengthening one or more styles of leadership.

Upon completion of this workshop, the organization will

  • have leaders who do not believe the myth that one “style” fits all.
  • have encouraged leaders to become more empathetic and adopt the principle that the more they know about their employees, the better positioned they are to lead.
  • have fostered a more caring environment in which leaders know that employees function best when they know leaders care about their needs.

Duration of Class: 1 – 2 days